East Coast Anxiety

by Soundtrack to Sleep

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four songs about living on the east coast and being stressed out.


released April 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Soundtrack to Sleep Washington, D.C.

Emo/posthardcore/shoegaze from northern Virginia.

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Track Name: All we do is talk
well I've been here before
she smelled like cigarettes passed out face down on my floor
I know she tried to make things right but sometimes you can't fix things this broke
I took the long way around
trying hard not to get caught I fought the urge to make a sound
the words were on my tongue but they all sounded so wrong
so I slipped back into silence- put them back where they came from
I wish that I could say something like,
"hey I hope there's no hard feelings"
maybe it's too soon
if I'm anything like you
I know exactly how you're feeling
is happiness really this hard?
I've been chasing it around before it get's to fucking far
for me to catch- you're detached
I hope you're getting along
I never really wanted anyone to need me after all
because I'm a post and she's a vine
she grew herself around my spine
yeah, she had to see this coming- just a matter of time
so I've been trying something new
I separate myself from you and hope that we both end up all right in time

I don't want my past to ruin what I have with you
I don't want to let you down
I don't want my past to ruin what I have with you
I don't want to let you down
I don't want my past to ruin what I have with you
I don't want to let you down
I don't want my past to ruin what I have with you
I don't want to let you down
Track Name: Riverrun
I guess I'll see you at the bottom
I choke on tired timidness
I hate for you to have to see me like this
what's life like down their at the bottom?
white washed with stale sense of self
got nothing left to say to you that might help
you want to throw it all away?
I'd go anywhere with you
I've made some mistakes
give me time and patience- I'll make it up to you
I'm getting closer to the bottom
you'd think I'd know better by now
you'd think I'd have it figured out
but I doubt I ever will
Track Name: Green mountains
through green mountains secrets flow like fountains just like cars that are backed up on 95.
driving 95 again
my head is clearer when you're near
Virginia's beautiful wish you were here
walking down 23rd I never felt so cold
I can't feel my fucking face
driving 95 again
I know you think I'm a mess, but trust me I know best
I know you think I'm a mess
Track Name: East coast anxiety
souls on concrete keep on following us around
fountains and monuments seem to litter this entire town
days are warm nights are miserable
you can't sleep. I can't seem to get comfortable

how did we get here? we're all empty bodies in the same room
can you feel it. you can't miss it
eyes flutter. I shake. you say that it'll pass soon
I hope you're right I can't stand what this feels like

I'll speak fast and you'll speak slowly
all I want is for you to know me

life is rarely fair and hardly ever kind
love is more than making up your mind
you've been so good to me I could die
walk around with me until the evening turns to night